Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In the beginning.....

The Genesis of My Blog

"And God said to Sam 'Waste your time.'"

Hello world, I finally got roped into this blogging bit. My note on all this is that mine won't be personal, more of a commentary section. Specifically, my comments - on this blog - will be limited to two areas: books and films. Getting even more to the point: it is my goal to read TIME Magazine's 100 Greatest Novels and watch AFI's 100 Greatest Films. My opinions will be anything but expert. If I have already read the novel, then I'll look at a literary criticism or something; I'll watch the movies again....maybe not Citizen Kane, but if I get that far, why not?

I hope to elicit responses and maybe make people look at stuff they wouldn't before.

Either way, I'm in this game now.


Novel - 100 - Gone With the Wind
Film - 98 - Unforgiven - (I reserved #100 and 99 on InterLibrary Loan....yeah Gloucester County Public Library Branches)

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Meg said...

Gone With the Wind is oddly one of my favorite books. The movie sucks in comparison. Just be prepared for some serious Southern revisionist history, where there is genuine sadness that the south lost. Overall though, the writing is descriptive and rich.

I looked at the AFI list (a list I've been trying to get through for years) and I noticed that 100 and 99 are some great flicks. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? is easily the best of the Hepburn/Tracy films.

all in all...this blog is the coolest thing ever and I may somewhat copy you on my movie blog (which has been in exisistance since last summer). :)

Miss you and the other improv-ers terribly.